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We also own D&D Propeller Repair in central Iowa. Dave's Marine & Sports Inc. features a variety of propeller services and repairs, such as propeller tuning, modification and performance analysis.

  • Propeller tuning

  • Modification

  • Repair and correction

  • Performance analysis

  • Evaluation and sizing calculations

"The guys at Dave's Marine are great. They take great care of my boat and have very clean and spacious indoor storage at a reasonable price. I recommend them to anyone needing service or storage."


-Dave Mandolfo

We'll get you back on the water in no time!

Additional services

Propeller services

Tuning your propeller can create better fuel consumption. With the constantly increasing gas prices, efficiency is key. A propeller tune-up can also result in smoother and quieter operation.


Why tune your propeller?

Propeller Repair Page. Use this asset on my Produc JR_07062006_1944


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Propeller Repair Page. Use this asset on my Produc
  • Straightening of Shafts

  • Rudders

  • Struts

  • Anchors

  • Welding

  • Sand blasting and polishing